Natasha von Braun was born in Moscow. From early childhood she was engaged in various types of creativity from sewing to comics, in school years she was shooting short films. She received the profession of artist-animator, also she studied cinematography and sculpture.


Working for a long time with figurative sculpture Natasha has came to the installation genre and now successfully combines both of these directions.


"My artistic method is based primarily on the interrelation of the surrounding world with the inner world. Through my art I try to build a bridge between domestic everyday reality and the subconscious, this is somewhat reminiscent of psychoanalysis from the perspective of artist. But here there are no instructive theses and abstracts. As in life there are no simple unequivocal answers to all the questions.


In my work I try to show the uncertainty, the fragility of human ideas about himself and about the outside world. To overcome such uncertain condition, I like to build a bridge across this volatile and unsteady part of the reality — a person has got experience, has felt something, after then he can either immediately switch to his usual way of life, or turn aside in his intuition in the direction of those sensations that have caught him. And my bridge leads also there.


I think a lot about what surrounds us here and now. From this point of view, I consider my art not as escapism or a way to distract from the daily routine, but on the contrary - my art is a way to immerse yourself in reality as deeply as possible to see and feel it as a new, fresh experience, not clouded by stereotypical thinking".


The author's portfolio includes two a dozen group exhibitions and more than two dozen personal projects. The author’s artworks are in private collections in the USA, Europe and Russia.