Natasha von Braun was born in Moscow. From early childhood she was engaged in various types of creativity from sewing to comics, in school years she was shooting short films. She received the profession of artist-animator, also she studied film directing and sculpture.


Working for a long time with figurative sculpture Natasha has came to the installation genre and now successfully combines both of these directions. Using the image of human in her works she gives them a certain sense message. It acts subconsciously because the viewer inevitably associates himself with her works.


Childhood memories are mixed with dreams, while at the same time there is sometimes frightening relevance of today. The symbols that pervades Natasha's works are almost impossible to explain. But they act surprisingly accurately, leading to the world of the subconscious. It's something between fashion effects and voodoo. That is why her artworks always cause such contradictory emotions among those who look at them.


The depth on the verge of psychoanalysis and the spectacular kitsch go together, making a recognizable author's style in each work of artist.


The author's portfolio includes two a dozen group exhibitions and about two dozen personal projects. The author’s artworks are in private collections in the USA, Europe and Russia.